Q&A 02-05-2023

Questions Asked:

1. I believe I am going to heaven, so why am I still afraid to die? 1:10-5:56

2. When Christ cried from the cross ”My God why have you forsaken me” did God remove Himself from Jesus in that moment leaving Him still sinless, but only human? 1:57-14:30

3. How can my family and I find peace and contentment during or after unexpected chaos, pain, and loss? 14:31- 18:31

4. What is a good way to start studying the bible not just reading it? 18:32-21:49

5. Do our prayers make a difference in the outcome? 21:50-27:58

6. In addition to regular set apart daily prayer is it irreverent or sinful to pray while on the toilet? 27:58-32:10

7. Is the angel of the Lord in the Old Testament Jesus? 32:11-33:00

8. What does it mean to be confident in Christ? 33:01-36:47

9. For Indians prior to Christopher Columbus coming who never had the chance to hear of Christ are they automatically condemned? 36:48-43:19

10. Did God create evil, God created man and the devil and both do evil, so didn't God then create evil? 43:20-48:43

11.What does the bible say about the rapture? 48:44-54:33

12. How do you know God is in control? 54:34-1:02:04